In March of 2016, we began the Dungeons and Dragons campaign -- Princes of the Apocalypse. It was my first full campaign. It started as a one-off adventure and continued for over two years finally completing in July, 2018.

Bryan Gebhardt
Dungeon Master

Adventure Log

The complete adventure log can be viewed here. It weighs in at over 100 pages and covers the complete campaign.

The Players

Aki (Andrew)

A wood elf, purple ninja


Dobby (Lindsey)

A dragonborn druid


Gale (Dave)

An air genasi rogue


Trycara (Helen)

A tiefing sorcerer


Zeratul (Amy)

An aarakocra wizard


DM Resources and Notes

There are a lot of resources I used to run this game. In time I will share more.
  • Temple Maps - To start with here is a PDF of the temple maps and how they connect. This helped me navigate the complex connections between the 9 dungeons.